About Me.

I am currently a first-year attending Cal Poly SLO as an Interdisciplinary Studies Major. This entails examining "concepts, messages, and patterns across two or more of these disciplinary areas" instead of the traditional single disciplinary approach.

My Story

I grew up in Newport Beach, CA where I came to love the sport of soccer, the beach, and computer science. I was interested in how things worked and always wanted to create new things. In this website, I am attempting to convey the message about my love for technology and cryptocurrency, and hope that you choose to become involved as well.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major fits me perfectly. With this, I plan on studying technology and human expression as my emphasis area. There is also a lot of room for electives that I plan to use to their full potential. Because I love creating and am already partly emphasizing in these areas, I will be minoring in entrepreneurship as well as computer science.